Bake In Space gains strong interest in Leicester


In recent weeks, Bake In Space has gained the attention of Leicester’s local news. UK Coordinator, Ryan Laird, spoke to Leicester’s local newspaper, the Leicester Mercury and appeared on BBC local radio.

The Leicester Mercury Business Magazine featured an in-depth interview on our project and how it’s an exciting time to be part of this new-space movement. Ryan describes how “Leicester is positioning itself at the heart of these developments with a focus on encouraging space entrepreneurship and supporting new start-ups to accelerate innovation in this field.”

Ryan spoke to BBC Radio Leicester from the local family craft bakery Brucciani. Appearing on Jo Hayward’s breakfast show he described how Bake In Space is seeking to address the challenges of baking fresh bread in space and sustainable food production in this unique environment. Listen to him here from 01:51:58 (link expires 31 May at 09:00 BST)

In addition to BBC Radio Leicester, Ryan also featured on BBC local radio on Georgey Spanswick’s evening show, which is broadcast nationwide, including the Channel Islands. He describes how we consider bread a stepping-stone to human exploration and how we hope to pave the way for the future of space food. Listen to him here from 02:12:00 (link expires 1 Jun 09:00 BST)

At PubhD Leicester in partnership with Tech Us Together, Ryan also talked about the opportunities in the European space industry and how “you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get involved with space” – including our venture with Bake In Space.

On 12th June he is also due to speak more about Bake In Space for the Leicester Astronomical Society in a meeting to be held at the National Space Centre.