Bake In Space Makes International Headlines


Bake In Space has taken the world by storm following the article featured in New Scientist. On Friday the article was trending on Reddit at /r/space and at the time of writing has nearly 13k ‘upvotes’.

The news item was picked up across news agencies worldwide. This this will continue to be updated:




North America

South America



Middle East

Freshly baked bread in space? – New Scientist

“Astronauts Will Soon Be Able To Bake Bread On The International Space Station” – Wochit Tech

“NASA’s 52-year bread ban may be about to end” – WIOnews

In addition, news of us winning the ESA BIC prize of the INNOspace Masters competition was reported by Engadget and Startup Valley:   Lead image via collectSPACE: “Bake In Space aims to make crumb-free German rolls on board the International Space Station in 2018”. (NASA/Wikipedia/collectSPACE)