Bake In Space seeks to address the scientific and technical challenges relating to the production of fresh bread in space. The project has been deemed useful and of interest to DLR in terms of scientific exploration and is on the list of experiments for the International Space Station during the Horizons mission in 2018.



In order to improve astronauts’ well being on long-duration missions such as on a Moon base or on Mars, food plays an essential key role. Besides a source for nutrition, the smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness and is an important psychological factor. It is a symbol of recreational time and procedure down on Earth. The goal of our experiment is to produce freshly made bread aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in micro-gravity. The specimen will be the typical weekend German bread roll. We are working to produce a bread machine that will be capable of baking bread rolls and a dough mixture that will be suitable for the space environment.


Oct 2016

We started with our initial concept for the project

Proof of concept prototype

Dec 2016

We managed to prove our concept is indeed possible.

Announcement of Bake In Space

Mar 2017

Official launch of the project.

Payload delivery

Feb 2018

Planned delivery date of our experiment and final preparations for launch.

Alexander Gerst Launch

May 2018

Alexander Gerst is scheduled to launch on his mission to the international Space Station (ISS).

Payload launch

Jun 2018

Expected launch date of our experiment.

Alexander Gerst Landing

Nov 2018

Alexander Gerst´s expected landing date and end of mission.



Our team comprises a mix of space scientists, engineers and science communicators with several years’ experience in the sector. We will work with the baking industry and food scientists to fully develop and realise the project.

Sebastian D. Marcu


As CEO/Founder of Bake In Space, Sebastian Marcu enjoys the challenge of developing new, innovative space concepts. Inspired by the US “newspace” start-up scene, he is keen on bringing this movement to Europe.

Klaus-Dieter Relotius

Project Manager

Klaus-Dieter Relotius is a project management consultant who has over 31 years’ experience in spacecraft operations and development in the fields of human spaceflight.

Neil Jaschinski

Validation Test Engineer

A creative engineer, Neil Jaschinski has been working as a validation engineer and as a freelancer specialised in the construction and prototyping of space related hardware. He came up with the idea of baking bread in space.

Guido Morzuch

Electrical Engineer

Guido Morzuch served as Project manager for the Columbus ground segment definition and payload test facility, as well as Columbus Flight Director at the Columbus Conctrol Center (Col-CC) in Oberfaffenhofen.

Dr Gerhard Thiele

Retired Astronaut / Ambassador

A German physicists and former ESA astronaut, Dr Gerhard Thiele flew on STS-99 with Space Shuttle Endeavour on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).

Dr Matthias Böhme

Industrial Project Manager

With over 18 years experience in various project roles for ISS payloads and microgravity experiments at OHB System AG, Dr Matthias Boehme, works as a System Engineer on Human Spaceflight Utilisation and Operation. He holds a diploma and PhD in Experimental Physics.



Our partners include DLR who will ensure the transport and logistics of the payload to the International Space Station (ISS), as well as industry partners OHB System AG who will build the bread oven. WFB are supporting the initial financing to kick-start the project. We will work together with researchers, engineers and students at ZARM who will test the hardware. TTZ Bremerhaven will provide the scientific expertise for customising the oven and developing the dough mixture.




BITZ Bremer Innovations- und Technologiezentrum Fahrenheitstraße 1

28359 Bremen - Germany